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5 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Buzzettt dah nieh blog.. u apain jadi rame gini..
    Bagus sieh..[tapi ijo nya mencolok mata]..Hehehe…
    Ajarin kek..Pelit u ga ajar2 in gw..Hahaha…

    c u..

  2. Hi, Stefanus.
    Thanks for your content.
    I was firstly trying to find an article about the sacrifice of St. Stephanus. We are going to conduct a “Holy Name Party” for our catholic neighborhood. I googled it and arrived in your blog.
    This may be a personal blog, however your article about St. Stephanus did help me a lot in knowing this holy person.
    Thanks. God bless!

    • you’re welcome!
      that article just a little of St. Stephanus histories…
      but i wrote this in indonesian.., did you translate this article???

      your comment inspires me to make a better article…
      ok.. I’ll try to repost this…..
      God Bless you 2..

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